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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Withdraw Money From B4U account to Bank Account

In this blog article, I'll be showing you guys how to withdraw money from your b4u account into your bank account. Before doing any withdrawal make sure you have updated your account details in B4U. Do save accurate bank details in your account section by providing your IBAN number. You can do all these changes by visiting this link: https://www.b4uglobal.com/dashboard/accountdetails

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Withdraw B4U Money To Your Bank Account

Withdraw Money From B4U account to Bank Account

The withdrawal procedure is pretty straight forward and simple, you get 2 wallets in your account. The first one is your profit wallet, and the second one is your bonus wallet which means you can withdraw money from both of your wallets but you can't just combine the money from both wallets into one. For example, if you have $530 in your profit wallet and 230$ in your bonus wallet you can't just withdraw $760 at once from both wallets. In the withdraw section you get a list of wallets and you have to select the wallet and then the amount to withdraw it. You can withdraw your amount to Bank Account or Cryptocurrency wallet.

How to withdraw B4U money into a Bank account

  1. Once your account is ready to have all the details, the next step is to go to the withdrawal section by clicking the withdrawal button in the sidebar OR visit: https://www.b4uglobal.com/dashboard/withdrawals.
  2. There click on "Request Withdrawal", on getting the form select the wallet from which you want to withdraw your money. As I explained above you can't just combine both wallet's amount at once, you can just withdraw money from one wallet at a time. However there is a limit in the profit wallet as you withdraw from the profit wallet, the next withdrawal will be available after 1 month. On the other hand, there is a good point with a bonus wallet that you can withdraw money from it again and again without waiting for a month. So that was just a point to be noted before the withdrawal. 
  3. Ok, let's say you selected your wallet which in my case is a bonus wallet, then select the currency which will be USD. For the exchange rate, you will be notified in your dashboard, but for the dollar rate, you won't get the exchange rate of the whole world. They have a static exchange rate of 150PKR /USD and you get that exchange rate whether you deposit into your account or withdraw from it. For example, if the current dollar rate is 168 PKR, you won't be considering this for your withdrawal or deposit amount. By the time I am writing this blog article B4U exchange rate is 150 PKR per 1 USD and it should remain that way until you don't get any new exchange rate which in 7+ months still the same so you don't need to worry about asking for updates right now. 
  4. The next thing is to select "Cash Withdrawal", there will be two options is the dropdown list from where you have to select cash withdrawal which is the default option.
  5. Now lastly just enter the amount you want to withdraw and click submit. You will be asked the OTP code which you might get on your phone or email,  just provide the OTP code and click proceed. That's all you need to consider for this withdrawal process. The amount will be transferred into your bank account in almost 6 - 10 days

In the withdrawal process, a fee of $6 is charged when you withdraw up to $500, and $16 will be charged as a fee if you want to withdraw more than $500.  However, you can save these $6 - $16 if you want to deal with me. BTW you can withdraw profit or bonus once a month separately. 

I hope you will find this method helpful and easy, if you need to ask something feel free to comment below. 


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Watch the video tutorial for the above method if you want to make sure the process is all ok with you. 

Withdraw Money From B4U account to Bank Account

Withdraw Money From B4U account to Bank Account

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